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Yala Rajabhat University, the southernmost of Siam, the beautiful border city

Yala Rajabhat University (YRU) is located in Yala Province in the southern region of Thailand. It is located at the southern end of Thailand and has contact with the northern part of Malaysia. The university has over 80 years of development, aspecialy in teacher production and producing interdisciplinary graduates. In response to working in local, border provinces, southern Thailand.

Nowadays, Yala Rajabhat University is a university that organizes several studies together (Comprehensive University), mostly at the bachelor level. It is mainly composed of 4 faculties: 1) Faculty of Education, 2) Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, 3) Faculty of Science, Technology and Agriculture, and 4) Faculty of Management Science. There are 52 courses in total, offering 8 faculties of Education, 16 faculties Humanities and Social Sciences, 15 faculties of Science, Technology and Agriculture, and 13 faculties of Management Science with over 9,000 students, 397 academic staff or lecturers and personnel. 440 support personnel. 837 total number of employees.

For the focus of teaching and learning management in the university is integrating multiple sciences by hands-on operations in the area and creating innovations for the development that meets the needs of communities and localities in the southern border provinces of Thailand by using area-based. The main university service areas are Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat provinces in collaboration with the 38 Rajabhat University Networks develop spatially to improve the quality of education and the quality of life of the people. In line with the founding philosophy of Yala Rajabhat University, which is "Local Development Education Institution".